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full and partial dentures

Types of Full and Partial Dentures

Removable Dentures

The removable dental prosthesis is a dental appliance that can replace missing teeth and a portion of the gum. When this appliance replaces all the teeth of a maxilla, it is usually called "dentures" in common parlance. When the appliance only replaces some teeth of a maxilla, it is commonly referred to as a "partial".

Dentures play several roles:

  • They improve the chewing function (avoid digestive problems)
  • They improve the aesthetics of the smile
  • They correct jaws and lips sagging from loss of support
  • They limit the loss of other teeth by stabilizing dental occlusion
  • They facilitate diction and speech

A partial or complete removable denture is indicated in cases where there is loss of teeth (accidentally or due to a disease: periodontal disease, tooth decay, etc.). It has a different indication from the fixed partial denture such as a crown (for a damaged, but existing, tooth) or fixed bridge (missing tooth between two teeth).

The Various Types of Removable Dentures

partial denture

The Partial Denture

This prosthesis is in a resin or on a rigid metal mesh that replaces one or more teeth of a jaw. It is held in place by hooks. It is a perfect substitute for natural teeth and is supported both by the gums and the remaining teeth.

full denture

Complete Removable Denture

This prosthesis is made of resin or from a metal casting plate. It replaces all of the teeth (upper and lower jaw) and is supported by the hard palate and gums.

Maintenance of Removable Dentures

Strict and rigorous hygiene must be respected when wearing removable dentures:

  • Brush teeth, gums and dentures well after each meal
  • Unless otherwise indicated, remove dentures during sleep and soak them in a solution suitable for dentures.

The choice of removable dentures depends on the dentition, the number of lost teeth and their location. Over the years, the gum and the bone will change.Follow-up visits are recommended to ensure the denture adapts well to the gums and other oral tissues.

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