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Root Canal (Endodontic) Treatment at Dental Clinic Obradovic

What Is a Root Canal?

The canal is located on the inside of the tooth and it is filled with dental pulp, a soft tissue which contains the nerve of the tooth and blood vessels. This pulp can be infected from tooth decay or injured by trauma. Infected pulp can cause severe pain, abscesses, cysts, etc. The infection can lead to loss of the tooth or cause significant damage to the bone surrounding the tooth.

In a root canal treatment, the infected or dead pulp that lies within the tooth is removed and the canal is disinfected. Depending on the complexity of the situation, our dentist will conduct this intervention or will refer you to an endodontist (root canal specialist).

The Steps in a Root Canal Treatment

  1. The dentist applies a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and installs a dike (waterproof rubber).
  2. The dentist makes a small opening in the tooth to access and remove the pulp with a precision instrument. The dentist cleans, disinfects and hermetically seals the canal with a product especially designed for this purpose.
  3. The dentist then usually places a permanent or temporary filling.

Final Restoration of the Tooth after Root Canal Treatment

After a root canal, the tooth must be restored to preserve its integrity. Depending on the case, the dentist will make a permanent filling or recommend placing a crown.

Following a root canal procedure, you have to have good oral hygiene and make periodic checks with the dentist.

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